Tom Esser M.Sc. Ost.,
Britischer Osteopath GOC
Member of VOD/AAO/GOC


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Tom Esser M.Sc. D.O.M.R.O. (highest degree of the German Society of Osteopaths) is an eminent authority and pioneer in children´s osteopathy in Germany. He has many years of experience in treating children of all ages.

Tom Esser M.Sc. is continuously developing his concept of treatment. He is a member of international societies, visits the U.K. and the U.S. several times a year for study purposes, gives lectures at medical congresses in Germany and abroad und enriches his osteopathic skills by scientific studies, e.g. the osteopathic treatment of eye diseases.

Additionally he is engaged in postgraduate education of osteopaths. This background is important for a modern and sustainable approach to treatment in the Osteopathic Center for Children. (OCC)




How can we help your child?

In the OCC children are successfully treated for various kinds of diseases. Treating the entire human being and not only symptoms or a disease is limitless, especially when conventional medicine is complementary supported.



This applies to the following diseases:
• Diseases of the entire musculoskeletal system
• Throat-nose-ear diseases
• Inner diseases
• Neurological diseases
• Delay and disorders of development
• Supporting neurological and genetical diseases
• Complementary treatments of conventional medicine
• Down-Syndrome
• Autistic Spectrum Syndrome




Services offered:

There is a large room available for treatments in the OCC. The waiting room is a playroom for our small patients as well as a sitting room for adults. It is possible to stay at the beautiful Fuerstenplatz with its playground in front of the door of the OCC. We make appointments per telephone in order to treat all patients adequately and without time pressure. The OCC cooperates with pediatrists, orthodontists and various other medical doctors.


Anne Haufe
Bettina Gebhardt






How to reach us:

The Osteopathic Center for Children is located in Berlin-Westend at Fürstenplatz 3, 14052 Berlin.

Free parking is available directly in front of the house at any time.
Public transport: U-Bahn U2, Theodor-Heuss-Platz or Neu-Westend or
S-Bahn, Heerstraße.



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Who pays for the treatment?

Patients with private health insurance usually receive reimbursement from their insurance. All other health insurances unfortunately do not pay for osteopathic treatments. But there are relatively inexpensive kinds of additional insurance, which cover osteopathic treatments.